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Bridge Of Spies (2015)
Spies use hollow Jefferson nickel and modified US peace dollar
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The 2015 Amblin-Dreamworks-Disney film "Bridge Of Spies" is about the exchange between the
United States and Soviet Union for two spies and the work of New York lawyer James Donovan
in arranging the exchange.
The Russian spy Rudolf Abel uses a hollowed out Jefferson nickel to share information with his partners,
while the American spy Francis Powers carries a Peace silver dollar with an attached poison needle.
Bridge Of Spies
1. Title
Soviet spy Rudolf Abel has been working in the United States for several years.
He is also an artist and likes to paint.
Bridge Of Spies
2. Abel painting self-portrait
The spy network uses hollow Jefferson nickels to pass information.
Bridge Of Spies
3. Hollow nickel
Although not shown in the film, one of these nickels ended up with a newspaper seller, who dropped it,
the nickel opened, and the seller called the police.
Abel has come to the attention of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and they arrest him in 1957.
Bridge Of Spies
4. Abel busted
James Donovan is a New York lawyer with international experience.
He is asked by the United States to be Abel's defense attorney.
Bridge Of Spies
5. Donovan receives request
The FBI shows Donovan what they found in Abel's apartment when they searched it without a search warrant.
Bridge Of Spies
6. The evidence
Donovan defends Abel the best he can and the men become friends.
The trial judge refuses questions about search warrants and such things.
A jury convicts Abel and he is sentenced to prison.
Meanwhile, in 1960, Francis Powers, a US Air Force pilot, is being briefed on a new spy plane, the U2,
which can fly over Russia at 70,000 feet altitude and take pictures.
Bridge Of Spies
7. U2 pilots get briefed
The pilots will carry lots of equipment, including silver dollars which have poison needles in them.
Bridge Of Spies
8. Special dollar with needle
The silver dollar is of the "Peace" variety, made from 1921 to 1935.
The men are told by their superiors to kill themselves rather than be captured.
Powers takes off from Pakistan for his flight over Russia.
Bridge Of Spies
9. Shot down
A Russian missle explodes and Powers ejects from the aircraft.
He is captured and put on trial in Russia as a spy.
Bridge Of Spies
10. Powers on trial
Powers is convicted and sent to prison.
Donovan is contacted again.
Bridge Of Spies
11. Donovan asked again
It is 1961 and Donovan has another job, this time to arrange for the exchange of the spies.
Another American, a student named Frederic Pryor, arrested by the East Germans, is to be included.
Donovan does not tell his wife and children what he is up to, only that he is going to London on business.
He heads for Berlin, Germany.
Bridge Of Spies
12. East Berlin
The city stills shows damage from World War II, and supposedly the Russians will not allow
the East Germans to rebuild their part of the city.
Donovan heads for the Russian Embassy.
Bridge Of Spies
13. Donovan arrives at Russian Embassy
Donovan meets a Russian offical who is also the chief of the local spy network.
Bridge Of Spies
14. Donovan meets the Russian official
They agree to the swap but will not include Pryor.
Donovan contacts an East German offical about Pryor.
Bridge Of Spies
15. Donovan meets the East German official
While Donovan is working, Powers is still being questioned in Russia.
The Russians are curious about the silver dollar needle.
Bridge Of Spies
16. Powers asked about needle
Donovan believes that he has the three-way agreement and returns to the Russian Embassy.
He has a more formal meeting with the Russian official.
Bridge Of Spies
17. More formal meeting
A photograph of the Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev dominates the room.
Donovan drives through a cold icy Berlin.
Bridge Of Spies
18. Driving through Berlin
Finally the exchange is arranged and is to be done at the Glienicker Bridge which crosses the Havel river
and links Berlin and Potsdam.
Bridge Of Spies
19. The exchange on the bridge
The agreement calls for the East Germans to release Pryor nearby and the Abel-Powers exchange
to occur on the bridge.
Pryor is released and Abel and Powers cross the bridge to their people.
Bridge Of Spies
20. Two spies walk to their sides
Mission accomplished, Donovan flies home.
Bridge Of Spies
21. Donovan arrives home
He is real tired and goes up to the bedroom.
His children are watching television when a news story announces the exchange and gives Donovan's name.
Bridge Of Spies
22. Donovan named on television
His wife now knows what he has been up to.
Tom Hanks as James B. Donovan
Mark Rylance as Rudolf Abel
Alan Alda as Thomas Watters Jr.
Amy Ryan as Mary Donovan
Austin Stowell as Francis Gary Powers
Will Rogers as Frederic Pryor
Director: Steven Spielberg
Writers: Matt Charman, Ethan Coen, Joel Coen
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