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Royal Arch Chapter Pennies
General Information
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The Masonic Penny, Masonic Chapter Penny, Mark Penny, Masonic Coin, or Masonic Token,
is a coin or medallion made and used by some Masonic lodges.
They are given to members during initiation ceremonies or meetings.
The Royal Arch Masons almost always issue Masonic Pennies to their members.
These are specialized Masonic lodges sometimes called York Rite Masons.
The lodges sometimes use the abbreviation R.A.M. on their pennies.
Most of the Royal Arch chapters have disbanded.
The pennies are usually 30mm to 35mm in diameter, similar in size to the old pre-decimal
English penny (31mm).
They are manufactured by the lodges or by commercial minting or Masonic regalia companies.
Most have generic designs and the names of the chapters on them.
Some have the Biblical Ark of the Covenant on them, an important Masonic symbol.
The HTWSSTKS emblem means Hiram, Tyrian, Widow's Son, Sent To King Solomon.
The triangle Triple Tau emblem is the emblem of Royal Arch Masonry.
The Masonic Anno Inventionis (A.I.) year is the ordinary year + 530.
A reference is the small book Masonic Chapter Pennies by Dr. B. P. Wright of Buffalo, New York
which is a printing of articles he wrote for The Numismatist magazine from 1901 to 1903.
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