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United States World War II Signed Note
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This is a United States one dollar silver certificate.
This is a note commonly called a "Short Snorter".
My mother has had this note since 1945.
It was signed by members of a US Navy aviation unit on Funafuti island in the South Pacific.
The PBM-3 Mariner was a World War II US Navy airplane, a patrol bomber flying boat.
We do not know who the people who signed it are.
The note is a Silver Certificate Series 1935-A.
Funafuti was a "dismal island" according to James Michener in his 1947 book Tales of the South Pacific.
Paper Money United States dollar signed
1. Front
Front not signed.
Paper Money United States dollar signed
2. Back
Around the edges it reads:
#6456 PBM-3 Funafuti - Pearl Harbor
"Short Snorter" Southwest Pacific
Arthur Baldoni 9000' ALT.
Mar. 4, 1944
S. G. Austen
C. N. Gaska
J. M. Feeley
O. B. Lamfe
Thos B. Cox
A. J. Kledinski
Ellial Stein
L. L. Hall
G Schaeffer
James Lebo
R. E. McLeod
W. Crabtree
Wugen H. W.
J. Alben
J W. Crabtree
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