BrianRxm Tokens and Medals (Exonumia) 16/93
The Fays Egyptian Symbols Mascot
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"The Fays" were spiritualists in the early 20th century.
They produced these advertising tokens to promote their performances.
Anna Eva Fay (1851-1927) was a spiritualist popular in the late 1800's to the early 1920's.
She was one of the most famous and successful mediums and mentalists of her time.
She married Henry Melville Fay, another medium, and had a son, John Truesdale Fay.
Anna and Henry marriage ended and in 1881 she married David H. Pingree who promoted her shows.
Anna later made money by answering letters by mail.
She retired in 1924 and died in 1927.
Fays Token
1. The Fays Mascot Egyptian Symbols Token
Bronze, 32mm,, 6.23gm, irregular shape
Egyptian figure in center, looks like a jar with wings and a bird's head on top
Small Egyptian hieroglyphic figures
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