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South Africa Mint 1964 Coin Price List
Pretoria Mint
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The Coin:
South Africa 50 cents 1964
1. South Africa 50 cents 1964
The Story:
I was in high school in California 1964 and received this price list from the South Africa Mint in Pretoria.
It was illegal at the time to import gold coins into the United States.
I did order some uncirculated coins then but could not afford the proof set.
Examples of 1964 prices:
A 7-coin 1964 proof set (50¢ to 1/2¢) went for R2.85 (around US $4.00)
A 9-coin 1964 proof set (50¢ to 1/2¢ plus 2 gold coins) went for R15.50 (US$21.70)
A 9-coin 1955 proof set (5s to 1/2d) went for R5.25 (US$7.35)
Several years later I did purchase a South Africa 1964 Proof Set.
It was the 7-coin 1964 proof set (50¢ to 1/2¢).
South Africa Mint 1964 Price List:
South Africa Price List A
2. South Africa Mint Price List 1964 - Page 1
South Africa Price List B
3. South Africa Mint Price List 1964 - Page 2
The Proof Set:
South Africa Set Case
4. South Africa Proof Set - Case
South Africa Set Open
5. South Africa Proof Set - Case open
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