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Bulgaria 10 Leva Coin with Madara Horseman
King Khan Krum Kills Kitty
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The Coin:
Bulgaria 10 leva 1930
1. Bulgaria 1930 10 leva with Madara Horseman
The Story:
This Bulgaria 1930 10 leva coin shows "The Madara Horseman",
"Krum" in the Cyrillic alphabet, and the date "814".
The "horseman" is a rock relief carved into a vertical cliff face depicting a life-size
horseman, a lion, and a dog. It is located in northeast Bulgaria.
The Madara Horseman, once thought to be the work of Roman or even Thracian sculptors,
has now been dated to the early Middle Ages.
Before World War 2, the common belief was that the horseman was Khan Krum
who ruled Bulgaria from 804 - 815 AD.
In fact, a Bulgarian coin was minted in the 1930's with a picture of the relief
credited to Khan Krum.
Many investigations later, a leading Bulgarian archaeologist, Vesilin Besheliev,
determined the age of the relief at 705 AD, almost 100 years before Khan Krum.
Bulgaria also struck this coin in 1943:
Bulgaria 10 leva 1943
2. Bulgaria 1943 10 leva with Madara Horseman
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