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Young Indiana Jones (1992-1996)
Ancient coins, modern US, French, British coins
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The "Young Indiana Jones" television series ran from 1992 to 1996.
The series was also called "The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones" and
"The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles".
The series was produced by Amblin Entertainment, Lucasfilm, and Paramount Television.
All of the programs were later packaged and edited for DVD release.
It was inspired by the character from the three "Indiana Jones" films released from 1981 to 1989
which starred Harrison Ford as the 1930's archaeologist and adventurer.
The television episodes covered the period roughly from 1908 to 1920.
The DVD cover featured American, British, French, and possibly ancient Roman coins.
Several episodes used coins in their stories, including:
Demons of Deception (French poster depicting a gold coin)
Masks of Evil (Old Austrian kreuzer coin)
Ireland, April 1916 (British silver and copper coins)
Daredevils of the Desert (Ottoman Turkish Egyptian copper coin)
Young Indiana Jones
1. DVD Cover
The DVD cover displays items that a young Indiana Jones might have saved over the years,
including some old coins.
None of the coins display dates.
On the left side, three coins appear,
a US Walking Liberty silver half dollar,
a French holed copper-nickel 10 centimes, and
a Britain King George IV silver half crown.
A US Walking Liberty silver half dollar coin:
United States half dollar 1942
2. DVD Cover - United States half dollar 1942-S (San Francisco Mint), Size: 30.5mm
These coins were made from 1916 to 1947.
A French holed copper-nickel 10 centimes coin:
France cent 10 1939
3. DVD Cover - France 10 centimes, Size: 21mm
These coins were made in 1914 and from 1917 to 1939.
A Britain King George IV silver half crown coin:
Britain half crown 1821
4. DVD Cover - Britain half crown 1821, Size: 32mm
These coins were made from 1820 to 1824.
It is interesting to note that the first two coins could have been picked up from circulation
at the time (1908-1920), but the third would have been at least 80 years old then.
One wonders then, how did he obtain it?
Lower right item, might be an ancient coin
Young Indiana Jones
5. DVD Cover - The lower right item is highlighted in blue
There is something on the lower right bottom just above the two green scarabs.
It might possibly be an ancient Roman coin.
This coin is hard to identify as the picture is dark and only part of the coin is visible.
Adobe Photoshop used to highlight and rotate image:
Young Indiana Jones
6. DVD Cover - Rotated image
The only coin item which is anywhere similar to the image is a reverse of a Roman Nero sestertius
with the "Roma Seated" design.
Since only the reverse side of the coin is visible, it is not possible to tell which
First Century emperor issued the coin, but Galba, Vespasian, and Titus
issued only one or two types and Nero issued many, so it is most likely Nero.
Nero is a much more well-known emperor than the other three,
and would appeal more to Indiana Jones, as well as the prop man.
A Nero sestertius:
Rome Nero sestertius Roma
7. DVD Cover - Nero sestertius
Demons of Deception
This episode is set in France during World War I.
A French propaganda poster appears which uses a French gold coin as part of it's message.
Young Indiana Jones
1. Demons of Deception - French Poster
The poster was designed by Abel Faivre in 1915 and reads:
"Pour la France VERSEZ VOTRE OR (For France, pour your gold)"
"L'Or Combat Pour La Victoire (The gold fights for Victory)"
It shows a French coin attacking a German soldier.
These coins were minted in 10 and 20 franc sizes from 1899 to 1914.
France 20 Francs 1912
2. Demons of Deception - France 20 Francs 1912 Gold
These coins are still being struck by the French Mint.
Sean Patrick Flanery as Indiana Jones
Ronny Coutteure as Remy Baudouin
Directors: René Manzor, Nicolas Roeg
Writers: Jonathan Hensleigh, George Lucas
Masks of Evil
This episode is set in Transylvania Romania during World War I.
An old Austrian kreuzer coin is used to identify secret agents.
Young Indiana Jones
1. Masks of Evil - Split coin used for identification
Indiana and his partner identify themselves to an innkeeper using split halves of an Austrian coin.
Young Indiana Jones
2. Masks of Evil - The pieces of the coin are laid on the table
Young Indiana Jones
3. Masks of Evil - The pieces of the coin joined together
An example of the coin:
Austria 30 kreuzer 1807
4. Masks of Evil - Austria 30 kreuzer 1807-B (Minted at Kremnica, Hungary)
The coin is a large copper coin, around 37mm, a little smaller than a United States silver dollar.
Sean Patrick Flanery as Indiana Jones
Katherine Butler as Molly
Ahmet Levendoglu as Mustafa Kemal
Directors: Dick Maas, Mike Newell
Writers: Rosemary Anne Sisson, Jonathan Hensleigh
Ireland, April 1916
This episode is set in Dublin, Ireland in 1916.
The DVD package also uses the title "Love's Sweet Song".
British coins from the early 1900's appear.
Young Indiana Jones
1. Ireland, April 1916 - Young Indy and his friend are walking in Dublin.
They are staying in cheap lodgings, working in a pub, and don't have much money.
Young Indiana Jones
2. Ireland, April 1916 - Some British coins on a bedspread.
Copper pennies, silver shillings and sixpences.
Young Indiana Jones
3. Ireland, April 1916 - Some British coins on a bedspread
Pennies spread out, the English king on one penny is George V.
The George V pennies would be only four years old at most then.
The reverse design on the British penny, the seated warrior woman with the shield,
is the same design used on the Roman sestertius (above).
Sean Patrick Flanery as Indiana Jones
Ronny Coutteure as Remy Baudouin
Directors: Gillies MacKinnon, Carl Schultz
Writer: Jonathan Hales
Daredevils of the Desert
This episode is set in Palestine in 1917.
An Ottoman Turkish Egyptian coin and some dancer coins appear.
Young Indiana Jones
1. Daredevils of the Desert - The city
A Frenchman gives him a coin as a recognition sign.
The coin is an Ottoman Turkish coin issued for Egypt, 40 para, dated around AD 1871.
Young Indiana Jones
2. Daredevils of the Desert - Coin obverse
Young Indiana Jones
3. Daredevils of the Desert - Coin reverse
A worn example of the actual coin:
Egypt para 40 1277
4. Daredevils of the Desert - Actual Egyptian coin
The coin obverse has a Toughra or Sultan's ornate signature, and the denomination under it,
"40" in Arabic numbers.
The coin reverse has Arabic writing "Misr" for Egypt with the date below.
The coin year is AH (Moslem) 1277 or around AD 1861 which is the year the
Ottoman Turkish Sultan Abdul Aziz took office.
The coin's regnal year (year on the throne) is at the top of the reverse,
in this case "10" which dates the coin to AH 1286 (around AD 1869).
The coin is a large copper coin, around 38mm, about the size of a United States silver dollar.
Young Indiana Jones
5. Daredevils of the Desert - Abdullah's Cafe sign
Young Indiana Jones
6. Daredevils of the Desert - Abdullah
Young Indiana Jones
7. Daredevils of the Desert - He shows Abdullah the coin as a sign
Young Indiana Jones
8. Daredevils of the Desert - Cafe interior meeting place
Young Indiana Jones
9. Daredevils of the Desert - Young Indy revealed
Our hero and a British Army officer escort a dancer into the city:
Young Indiana Jones
10. Daredevils of the Desert - Maya, the dancer, rides with a British Army officer
Young Indiana Jones
11. Daredevils of the Desert - Maya
She is wearing thin imitation Arabic coins, usually made of brass.
Sean Patrick Flanery as Indiana Jones
Catherine Zeta-Jones as Maya
Douglas Henshall as T.E. Lawrence
Haluk Bilginer as Col. Ismet Bey
Daniel Craig as Schiller
Director: Simon Wincer
Writer: Frank Darabont
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