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Dennis The Menace (1959-1963)
US $10 gold piece, silver dollar, and a Good Luck coin
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The television program "Dennis The Menace" ran from 1959 to 1963 on the CBS Television Network.
It was based on the popular comic strip written by Hank Ketcham which ran from 1951 to 1994.
Dennis Mitchell is a mischevious little boy living with his parents.
Mr. and Mrs Wilson are a middle-aged childless couple living next door.
Dennis is always pestering Mr. Wilson who doesn't want him around.
Mr. Wilson has hobbies, one of which is coin collecting.
He keeps his coins in a specially made suitcase with trays.
He sometimes uses a book which appears to be a "Red Book" with a well-worn cover.
The "Red Book" is A Guide Book of United States Coins,
by R. S. Yeoman (Author), Kenneth Bressett (Editor), published yearly since 1947,
now by Krause Publications. It comes in a red cover, hence the name.
The episodes here feature Mr. Wilson's numismatic adventures.
Jay North as Dennis Mitchell
Gloria Henry as Alice Mitchell
Herbert Anderson as Henry Mitchell
Joseph Kearns as George Wilson
Dennis and the Rare Coin first shown January 17, 1960 (Season 1 Episode 15)
Mr. Wilson pays $250.00 for a rare gold coin from a con artist.
The episode shows a 1907 $10 gold coin.
Dennis' Paper Drive first shown April 10, 1960 (Season 1 Episode 24)
The prize for a boys paper drive is a silver dollar.
The episode shows a silver dollar but not close enough to see the date.
Dennis' Penny Collection first shown January 8, 1961 (Season 2 Episode 14)
Mr Wilson interests Dennis in coin collecting and gives him some coin albums.
The episode shows Whitman Lincoln Head cent coin albums and pennies.
The Lucky Piece first shown December 17, 1961 (Season 3, Episode 11)
Mr Wilson gives Dennis a "Good Luck" coin.
The episode shows a generic "Good Luck" coin.
A Quiet Evening first shown February 25, 1962 (Season 3, Episode 21)
Mr. Wilson babysits and shows his coin collection to Dennis and two other children.
The episode shows his coin storage suitcase and display trays.
Dennis and the Rare Coin (Season 1 Episode 15, January 17, 1960)
Dennis The Menace
1. Dennis and the Rare Coin - Mr. Wilson and Dennis
Mr. Wilson receives a telephone call from a New York coin dealer who tells him that his
coin collection merits the dealer's personal attention.
The dealer visits Mr. Wilson and sells him a coin.
Dennis The Menace
2. Dennis and the Rare Coin - Mr. Wilson buys a coin
The coin is a 1907 $10 gold coin.
Mr. Wilson does not want his wife to find out that he paid $250 for a coin and hides the coin.
Mrs. Wilson comes in to vacumn the room and the coin falls on the rug.
Dennis The Menace
3. Dennis and the Rare Coin - The coin on the rug
The coin appears to be a real United States $10 gold coin but the date is not clear.
A United States gold $10 1907:
United States $10 1907
4. Dennis and the Rare Coin - United States gold $10 1907
Mrs. Wilson gives it to Dennis who is collecting coins for a fund-raising "wishing well"
at a city fountain.
Mr. Wilson returns, looks for his coin, Dennis comes over and tells him it is in the city fountain.
Mr. Wilson and Dennis head to the fountain to look for the coin.
The police show up and arrest the pair.
Dennis The Menace
5. Dennis and the Rare Coin - Police arrest Mr. Wilson and Dennis
The police take the pair to the police station.
Dennis The Menace
6. Dennis and the Rare Coin - Dennis' parents informed of his arrest
The parents and Mrs. Wilson head for the police station.
Dennis The Menace
7. Dennis and the Rare Coin - Police station
A policeman returns with Mr. Wilson's gold coin and Mr. Wilson makes a $50 donation to the
"wishing well" fund.
An undercover policeman brings in the coin dealer, who has been selling fake coins.
Mr. Wilson's coin is a fake and he is out the $250 for the coin and the $50 for the fund.
He is sent home, but has a happy ending as Dennis announces that he is going to visit
his grandparents and leave Mr. Wilson alone for a while.
Director: Don Taylor
Writers: Peggy Chantler, William Cowley, Louella MacFarlane
Dennis' Paper Drive (Season 1 Episode 24, April 10, 1960)
Dennis The Menace
1. Dennis' Paper Drive - Mrs. Holland offers a silver dollar
Mrs. Holland heads a charity which is collecting old newspapers for recycling.
She offers a silver dollar to the child who collects the most newspapers.
Dennis and his friend Tommy become partners.
The silver dollar she is holding appears to be a Morgan type.
Dennis The Menace
2. Dennis' Paper Drive - Dennis really wants the paper
Dennis is eager to collect papers and tries to hurry his parents.
Mrs. Holland and Mr. Wilson are at the Mitchell house and she shows the silver dollar.
Dennis The Menace
3. Dennis' Paper Drive - Mrs. Holland shows the silver dollar
Mr. Wilson takes a close look at the coin.
Dennis The Menace
4. Dennis' Paper Drive - Mr. Wilson is shocked
He recognizes it as an 1895 dollar, a very rare date.
He heads home where his sister is staying with him, and looks up the dollar in a coin book.
Dennis The Menace
5. Dennis' Paper Drive - Mr. Wilson looks up the coin
Mr. Wilson visits the boys and pays them a dollar each for the right to the coin.
Dennis The Menace
6. Dennis' Paper Drive - The boys with their dollar bills
These appear to be standard Mexican Revolution motion picture stage money bills.
Since the 1920's, motion picture companies have used these notes, reprinted from
Mexican Revolution (1910-1925) notes issued by the states of Chihuahua and Sonora.
Mr. Wilson and his sister argue over whether he did the right thing.
He is eager to add the rare silver dollar to his coin collection.
Dennis The Menace
7. Dennis' Paper Drive - Mr. Wilson's coin collection
A Britain Queen Victoria crown is prominently displayed below his finger.
The boys win the contest and Mr. Wilson gets his coin.
Dennis The Menace
8. Dennis' Paper Drive - Mr. Wilson gets his prize
The boys express admiration for Mr. Wilson and call him a hero.
He decides to come clean and pay Mrs. Holland the real price of the coin.
Director: Charles Barton
Writers: Peggy Chantler, William Cowley, Mannie Manheim, Arthur Marx
Dennis' Penny Collection (Season 2 Episode 14, January 8, 1961)
Dennis The Menace
1. Dennis' Penny Collection - Dennis' father shows him some pennies
Dennis' father shows Dennis a 1911 penny, Dennis becomes interested in coins and his father
suggest that they visit Mr. Wilson to get advice on coin collecting.
Mr. Wilson tells Dennis that the 1911 penny is worth 15 cents and gives Dennis some penny albums.
Dennis The Menace
2. Dennis' Penny Collection - Mr. Wilson hands out coin albums
Mr. Wilson then worries that he has created more problems.
Dennis The Menace
3. Dennis' Penny Collection - Dennis leaves with albums
The album appears to be a Whitman Lincoln Head cent album.
Dennis collects some bottles and turns them into a grocery store for the deposits.
He takes his money in penny rolls.
Dennis The Menace
4. Dennis' Penny Collection - Dennis and friend
This picture shows the interior of the album.
Mr. Wilson takes the boys downtown to visit a bank.
He leaves Dennis to put money in the parking meter.
Dennis The Menace
5. Dennis' Penny Collection - Parking meter in the early 1960's takes pennies
Dennis gets distracted and Mr. Wilson gets a parking ticket.
They head for the bank, at the same time an armored car pulls up to deliver some change.
Dennis asks the guard if he can look through the pennies for old ones, the guard tells him all right,
knowing that the car is locked.
Mr. Wilson returns, the other guard thinks that he and the boys are robbing the truck,
and calls the police who arrest Mr. Wilson and the boys.
Dennis The Menace
6. Dennis' Penny Collection - Arrested
Mr. Wilson and the boys are released, the police allow the boys to search the
parking meter collections, and the boys give Mr. Wilson a 1914-D penny they find.
Director: William D. Russell
Writer: Hannibal Coons
The Lucky Piece (Season 3 Episode 11, December 17, 1961)
Dennis The Menace
1. The Lucky Piece - Dennis confesses to his parents
Dennis' father tells him that he will have to pay $2.00 to fix a window that he broke.
Dennis heads to the Wilson house to offer to do a job.
Mrs. Wilson offers him a half dollar to cut the grass.
Dennis The Menace
2. The Lucky Piece - Mr. Wilson in the store
Mr. Wilson accidently tries to pass a "Good Luck" coin as a half dollar.
These coins were usually 32mm in diameter, slightly larger than half dollars at 30mm.
Dennis The Menace
3. The Lucky Piece - Mr. Wilson gets a look at the "coin"
It appears to have a face on one side.
The other side has a horseshoe and the inscription "GOOD LUCK".
Dennis The Menace
4. The Lucky Piece - Closeup of the "coin"
Mr. Wilson convinces Dennis to take the coin instead of the half dollar for cutting the grass.
Mrs. Wilson is ashamed of what her husband has done and decides to make Dennis "Lucky"
by secretly passing a dollar bill to him.
Dennis The Menace
5. The Lucky Piece - Mrs. Wilson taking a dollar bill from Mr. Wilson's wallet
The bill appears to be a real United States dollar, not the stage money in the previous episode.
Mrs. Wilson contacts Dennis' mother and they plan other lucky events for Dennis;
he finds a scout knife and his large missing pet frog returns.
Mr. Wilson begins to believe that the coin really has good luck and decides to buy it back.
Dennis The Menace
6. The Lucky Piece - Dennis and his parents at home
By now both parents are aware of the scheme and await Mr. Wilson.
Dennis The Menace
7. The Lucky Piece - Mr. Wilson offers to buy the coin
Dennis' father and Mr. Wilson engage in bidding the price up to five dollars.
Mr. Wilson gets the coin, his wife informs him of the scheme, he laughs it off,
and throws the coin into the street, where a passing hobo finds it.
Dennis The Menace
8. The Lucky Piece - Hobo finds the coin
The hobo then finds an expensive item which just fell off a truck.
Mr. Wilson decides that the coin is lucky and runs after the hobo to buy it back again.
Director: Charles Barton
Writers: Keith Fowler, Phil Leslie
A Quiet Evening (Season 3 Episode 21, February 25, 1962)
Dennis The Menace
1. A Quiet Evening - Mr. Wilson at home
Mr. Wilson plans to spend a quiet evening at home working on his coin collection.
His special coin suitcase is evident, as is a coin book, possibly a "Red Book".
Mrs. Wilson receives a phone call from Dennis' mother asking for someone to watch Dennis
and volunteers her husband.
Mr. Wilson arrives at the Mitchell house next door, and finds two other children,
Margaret, a stuffy playmate of Dennis, and Seymour, a smaller "Dennis in training".
Dennis The Menace
2. A Quiet Evening - Mr. Wilson at Dennis' house
Mr. Wilson has brought his coin suitcase but is soon joined by the kids.
Dennis The Menace
3. A Quiet Evening - Mr. Wilson shows a coin
The coin is supposedly a 1919-D dime worth $100.
Dennis The Menace
4. A Quiet Evening - Margaret examines the coin
She asks what's so special about the coin.
Earlier Dennis had suggested playing "spacemen" but Margaret told him
"Girls aren't interested in going to the moon".
Apparently not in coins either.
Dennis The Menace
5. A Quiet Evening - The dime closeup
The dime shown is actually a 1913 Barber dime.
The kids want some candy and head downtown to get some.
Seymour grabs Wilson's dime and spends it in a vending machine.
Mr. Wilson tries to recover the dime from the machine.
Dennis The Menace
6. A Quiet Evening - Mr. Wilson working on the vending machine
He is soon joined by a police officer who asks him what he is doing.
Dennis The Menace
7. A Quiet Evening - Mr Wilson busted
The policeman takes Mr. Wilson to the station.
Dennis The Menace
8. A Quiet Evening - Third degree
Mr. Wilson is suspected of being a career criminal but is finally let go.
The police give him back his items but tell him the dime went into their vending machine.
Mr. Wilson buys the machine and takes it home.
Dennis The Menace
9. A Quiet Evening - Dennis and Mr. Wilson's new home vending machine
Director: Charles Barton
Writer: Budd Grossman
These episodes also feature coins or currency notes:
"Dennis and the Radio Set" first shown October 16, 1960 (Season 2, Episode 3)
Dennis finds $1600 in US currency in an old radio.
The episode shows prop money.
"Dennis and the Fishing Rod" first shown March 19, 1961 (Season 2, Episode 24)
Dennis finds Confederate $50 note in old uniform, Mr. Wilson wants it.
The episode shows a Confederate $50 note.
"Dennis and the Picnic" first shown June 25, 1961 (Season 2, Episode 38)
Dennis finds a suitcase full of money which turns out to be counterfeit.
The episode shows prop money.
"Dennis' Bank Account" first shown December 31, 1961 (Season 3, Episode 13)
Dennis opens an account at the bank where Mr. Wilson works with 300 pennies.
The episode shows stacks and rolls of pennies.
"John Wilson Wins a Chicken" first shown June 3, 1962 (Season 3, Episode 34)
Mr. Wilson plans to sell his 1919-D dime to a visiting coin dealer. The chicken interferes.
The episode shows a dime but not close up.
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