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The Beverly Hillbillies - The Big Bank Battle (1965)
Coin album with a rare San Francisco 1894-S dime
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This episode of the CBS television program "The Beverly Hillbillies" shows a coin album with a
rare 1894-S dime.
The "The Beverly Hillbillies" was a half-hour television program which ran on the CBS television network
from 1962 to 1971.
The program was a comedy about a group of Tennessee mountaineers or "hillbillies" who become wealthy
from oil found on their land and move to the famous city of Beverly Hills, California.
This episode is titled "The Big Bank Battle" and was first broadcast on May 5, 1965.
A greedy banker tries to interest the clan's leader Jed Clampett in various hobbies, including coins.
Beverly Hillbillies Bank Battle
1. Title
The Clampetts, Elly May, Granny, Jed, and Jethro, arrive in Beverly Hills.
They live in a mansion in the city
Milburn Drysdale runs the "Commerce Bank of Beverly Hills" where the Clampett funds are deposited.
He is greedy and always trying to get more control of the money.
Jane Hathaway, a stuffy spinster, is his principal assistant.
Jed feels the need to help his neighbors so he sets up a portable handyman outfit and moves
around Beverly Hills to sharpen knives at no cost to the residents.
Beverly Hillbillies Bank Battle
2. Jed Clampett becomes a handyman
Drysdale lives nearby and doesn't like the scruffy Jed but has to be nice to him.
He visits John Cushing, a rival banker after the Clampett money.
Beverly Hillbillies Bank Battle
3. Bankers Drysdale and Cushing
Cushing has a hobby where he builds model ships in bottles.
He shows his latest creation which took three years to make.
Beverly Hillbillies Bank Battle
4. Ship in a bottle
Drysdale has an idea to interest Jed Clampett in a hobby, borrows the ship model, and takes it to the
Clampett mansion along with Jane and some books on stamp and coin collecting.
Beverly Hillbillies Bank Battle
5. Drysdale shows Jed the ship
Jed is practical and isn't interested in the ship.
Jane has brought some stamp and coin albums.
Beverly Hillbillies Bank Battle
6. Drysdale and Jane discuss hobbies with Jed
Drysdale opens a stamp album and shows Jed a Hawaiian stamp worth $50,000.
Jed isn't interested because doesn't mail that many letters and doesn't know anyone in
Hawaii to write to.
"Uh, well, let's take a crack at numismatology, or, as some lexicographers would prefer, numismatics."
"Now, Mr. Clampett, here's a hobby that's worth anybody's time... collecting money."
"Mr. Drysdale, if there's one thing I don't need, it's more money."
Beverly Hillbillies Bank Battle
7. Drysdale and Jane suggest coin collecting
Drysdale is holding what appears to be a Whitman blue coin album with the title "Rare Coins" added.
"Now, wait, just take a look at these coins.
This collection belongs to a friend of mine.
You see that dime?
"He paid $12,000 for that."
Beverly Hillbillies Bank Battle
8. He paid $12,000 for that?
"He got slickered. A dime is only worth ten cents."
"Not this one, this was minted in San Francisco in 1894."
A closeup of the coin album page is shown.
Beverly Hillbillies Bank Battle
9. Coin album page closeup
An 1894 Barber dime appears in the center, it is probably the commoner Philadelphia mint coin.
"You better help your friend, Mr. Drysdale.
He needs you.
And hope he aint toting that dime when he gets a sweet tooth
cause no matter what comes out of the machine, he ain't going to enjoy it."
Drysdale and Jane give up and leave, later Jed heads over to Cushing's rival bank.
To entice Jed's money, Cushing appoints him a vice-president and loans him a pretty secretary.
Beverly Hillbillies Bank Battle
10. Jed, bank vice-president
Jed doesn't have much to do there.
Drysdale finds out about Cushing and Jed, comes over, and offers to fight Cushing for Jed.
Beverly Hillbillies Bank Battle
11. Bankers fight over Jed
Jed stops the fight by leaving and going home.
The family joins the handyman business, now using a truck.
Beverly Hillbillies Bank Battle
12. Clampett family enterprise
Buddy Ebsen as Jed Clampett
Irene Ryan as Granny
Donna Douglas as Elly May Clampett
Max Baer Jr. as Jethro Bodine
Raymond Bailey as Milburn Drysdale
Nancy Kulp as Jane Hathaway
Director: Joseph Depew
Writers: Paul Henning, Mark Tuttle
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