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Throw Momma from the Train (1987)
Modern US coins and a good reason for collecting coins
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The 1987 Orion Pictures film "Throw Momma from the Train" is unusual in that the coins shown
are ordinary, but the reason for showing them is not.
The film stars Danny DeVito as Owen who wants to get rid of his monster mother.
He meets Billy Crystal as Larry who wants to get rid of his wife.
The men decide to exchange victims, an idea they get from an old movie.
At one point Danny tells Billy that his collection of small change US coins remind him of
happy events he shared with his father.
Throw Mamma From The Train
1. Owen - Danny DeVito
The film is a comedy about two men who "trade murders", inspired by an Alfred Hitchcock film.
Owen is supposed to kill Larry's ex-wife and Larry is supposed to kill Owen's monster mother.
The stars are Danny DeVito as Owen and Billy Crystal as Larry.
After Larry's wife disappears, the two men meet and Owen shows Larry his "coin collection".
The coins are ordinary United States coins, but Owen explains that each is a memory of his father.
The men, who previously didn't like each other, now bond.
The film shows that a coin collection does not have to be financially valuable to be worth something.
Throw Mamma From The Train
2. Larry - Billy Crystal
Throw Mamma From The Train
3. Owen retrieves his coin collection from a hiding place
Never showed it to anyone before.
Throw Mamma From The Train
4. Owen has stored the coins in envelopes
Throw Mamma From The Train
5. The coins in a row
Owen: See, nickel, nickel, quarter, quarter, penny.
Larry: Are any of these coins worth anything?
Owen: No
Larry: Why do you have them?
Owen: What do you mean?
Larry: The purpose of a coin collection is that the coins are worth something, Owen.
Oh but they are.
This one here I got in change when my dad took me to see Peter, Paul, and Mary.
Throw Mamma From The Train
6. Owen shows Larry a penny
This one I got in change when I bought a hot dog at the circus.
My daddy let me keep the change. He always let me keep it.
Throw Mamma From The Train
7. Owen picks up a quarter
This one is my favorite.
This is Martin and Lewis at the Hollywood Palladium.
Look at that.
See the way it shines on the little eagle?
I loved my dad a lot.
Larry: So this whole collection is, uh...
Owen: Change my daddy let me keep.
Larry: That's a real nice collection, Owen.
Owen: Thank you, Larry.
Danny DeVito as Owen
Billy Crystal as Larry
Anne Ramsey as Momma
Director: Danny DeVito
Writer: Stu Silver
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