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Johnny O'Clock (1947)
Mexican large silver peso points to a killer
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The 1947 Columbia Pictures film "Johnny O'Clock" shows a large Mexican silver peso.
The film stars Dick Powell as Johnny O'Clock, an owner of a large gambling establishment.
Nina Foch is a young woman working for him who is killed.
Evelyn Keyes is her sister and later Dick's romantic interest.
A police inspector, Lee J. Cobb, is interested in Dick as he was involved with a crooked
policeman who was also killed.
Dick Powell finds a Mexican silver peso in an apartment belonging to the dead woman which
points to the woman's killer.
Johnny O Clock
1. Title
Police inspector Lee J. Cobb visits a large hotel and gambling establishment looking for
Johnny O'Clock (Dick Powell).
Johnny O Clock
2. Inspector Lee J. Cobb at the hotel
Lee explains to the hotel clerk that Johnny has many names, this is one of the more unusual ones.
The clerk gives Lee the room number and Lee heads up to the room.
Dick's room has a table with some loose change on it.
Johnny O Clock
3. Dicks's room table with loose change
The coins on the table appear to be Washington quarters (25-cent coins).
Lee finds Dick with Nina, a casino employee.
Johnny O Clock
4. Nina and Dick
Lee questions Dick about a crooked policeman Blayden who was killed after he killed a gambler.
Nina had been Blayden's girlfriend, he had dropped her and she was taking the breakup badly.
Later Dick heads to the casino which he is part-owner of to check things out.
Johnny O Clock
5. Gambling casino tables
There are no coins on the tables, only chips.
Lee goes to question Nina and finds her dead from a supposed gas leak suicide.
Evelyn Keyes, Nina's sister, arrives and meets Dick.
Johnny O Clock
6. Dick and Evelyn
Dick and Evelyn become close friends.
Dick's partner in the casino is Thomas Gomez, a long time gangster.
Johnny O Clock
7. Thomas shows off his picture
Thomas is showing off a picture that he had done of himself during a recent trip to Mexico.
Thomas' wife Ellen Drew likes to drink.
At one time she and Dick had an affair, he dumped her, but she still loves him.
Inspector Lee has received a report from a medical examiner that Nina's death was not a suicide
but a murder, and Dick finds out about it.
Evelyn heads to her sister's apartment to get some things and meets Dick who is searching the place.
Dick finds a large Mexican silver peso on the carpet.
Johnny O Clock
8. Mexican peso on the carpet
The coin appears to be a Mexican silver peso of the type issued by several Mexican mints
from 1898 to 1909; they were the same size as the American silver dollars.
A Mexico peso of this type dated 1898:
Mexico peso 1898
9. Mexico silver peso 1898, Mexico City mint
Two years after this film was made the Mexico City and San Francisco mint struck 10,000,000
of these coins to ship to China to pay Nationalist soldiers fighting the Communists.
Dick picks up the peso and in the dark room has acquired a bright shiny coin.
Johnny O Clock
10. Dick has a bright shiny coin
Dick takes the coin with him.
Johnny O Clock
11. Lee questions Dick
Dick shows Lee the Mexican coin and talks about Thomas' recent trip to Mexico.
Lee and Dick believe that Thomas killed the crooked policeman and later killed Nina because
she knew about the policeman's death.
Dick visits Thomas at the casino to get some of his partnership money.
Thomas opens a safe and hands Dick a large amount of cash, then both men pull out guns and
shoot each other, killing Thomas and injuring Dick.
Evelyn arrives and stays with Dick while they wait for Lee to appear and find Thomas.
Johnny O Clock
12. Dick and Evelyn wait for Lee
Evelyn convinces Dick to go with Lee to the police station.
Johnny O Clock
13. Dick gets busted
He gets the girl, too.
Dick Powell as Johnny O'Clock
Evelyn Keyes as Nancy Hobson
Lee J. Cobb as Inspector Koch
Nina Foch as Harriet Hobson
Thomas Gomez as Guido Marchettis
Ellen Drew as Nelle Marchettis
Director: Robert Rossen
Writers: Robert Rossen, Milton Holmes
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