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The Hucksters (1947)
Clark Gable's necktie design with gold coins
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The 1947 MGM "The Hucksters" has a scene where Clark Gable buys and wears an ornate necktie
in order to impress the manager of a New York advertising company which he wishes to work for.
Some claim that the necktie's design includes coins or gold coins.
The actual necktie apparently doesn't have coins but colored ovals.
The film was based on the Frederic Wakeman novel about the New York advertising business.
1. Title
Clark Gable is a returning World War II veteran who worked in the advertising industry.
He is looking for a position with an advertising agency and decides that he needs a necktie
that is "sincere" to impress the manager.
He stops by a store and asks the clerk to show him one.
2. Salesman shows Clark Gable a "sincere" necktie
Clark heads to the agency for the interview with manager Adolphe Menjou.
3. Adolphe Menjou interviews Clark Gable
In real life, Adolphe Menjou was a serious coin collector.
4. Clark Gable wearing the necktie
The necktie appears to have colored ovals, not coins.
It would be interesting to see the real necktie in color, whether it was a commercially available style,
or specially made for the film.
5. Adolphe likes the tie
After this scene, Clark Gable wears only neckties with solid colors or stripes.
Clark is hired and sent to see Deborah Kerr to ask her to endorse a soap brand.
6. Clark meets Deborah Kerr
They become friends and later lovers.
Clark also meets Sydney Greenstreet, the head of the soap company which is the agency's largest client.
He is a tyrannical and sadistic person.
7. Sydney Greenstreet addresses the agency
Sydney orders Clark to go to California and produce a radio program starring an obnoxious comic actor.
On the train, Clark encounters Ava Gardner, a singer who he knows.
8. Ava Gardner on the train
Clark manages to produce the radio program which includes a recording of Ava singing.
Back in New York, he plays the program for Sydney and Sydney likes the program.
Clark, tired of Sydney's insults, quits the firm and heads out to meet Deborah.
9. Clark and Deborah drive away
Clark Gable as Victor Norman
Deborah Kerr as Kay Dorrance
Sydney Greenstreet as Evan Llewellyn Evans
Adolphe Menjou as Mr. Kimberly
Director: Jack Conway
Writers: Frederic Wakeman, Luther Davis, Edward Chodorov, George Wells
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