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A Face in the Crowd (1957)
Wheelbarrow full of US silver half dollars
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The 1957 Warner Brothers film "A Face in the Crowd" shows a wheelbarrow full of
silver US fifty cent pieces.
The film stars Andy Griffith as Larry 'Lonesome' Rhodes, a country music star, and
Patricia Neal as his promoter and manager Marcia Jeffries
The wheelbarrow fifty cent coins appear to be real, not prop coins or tokens.
It was unusual at the time to show real US coins in a film, especially in this amount,
as it was technically illegal to show real money (coins or bills) in films until 1960,
when the US Treasury Department rescinded a regulation.
Face in the Crowd
1. Title
Country singer Larry "Lonesome Rhodes" becomes popular, gets his own television show,
then becomes a megalomaniac power broker, sort of an evil Will Rogers.
Andy Griffith had has first film role as Larry 'Lonesome' Rhodes.
Patricia Neal played his discover and manager Marcia Jeffries.
This was also the first film in which Lee Remick, Walter Matthau, and Anthony Franciosa appeared.
Marcia goes to the county jail in Pickett, Arkansas, to interview prisoners.
She finds Larry Rhodes with a guitar, records him, and plays the tape on her father's radio station.
The station offers Rhodes a one-hour radio show, later he gets a Memphis television show,
followed by a New York based television network show.
The film was directed by Elia Kazan and written by Budd Schulberg.
Andy Griffith sings several songs, which were written by Tom Glazer.
At one point Rhodes appears on a Memphis television station and asks viewers
to send half dollars to the station to rebuild a poor mother's house, destroyed in a fire.
Face in the Crowd
2. Film cast
Face in the Crowd
3. Lonesome and Marcia at the radio station
Face in the Crowd
4. Marcia, Lonesome, and Mel (Walter Matthau)
They are getting Lonesome ready for his television appearance where
he will ask the television viewers to send in half dollars.
Face in the Crowd
5. The first night's haul of half dollars are wheeled out for the studio audience
Face in the Crowd
6. Lonesome grabs some of the coins
Face in the Crowd
7. Lonesome holds some of the coins
Face in the Crowd
8. Closeup of the coins
The coins appear to be real and some seem to be of the Walking Liberty variety.
Andy Griffith as Larry 'Lonesome' Rhodes
Patricia Neal as Marcia Jeffries
Anthony Franciosa as Joey DePalma
Walter Matthau as Mel Miller
Lee Remick as Betty Lou Fleckum
Director: Elia Kazan
Writer: Budd Schulberg
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