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Angels In The Outfield (1951)
Shamrock Good Luck coin
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In the 1951 MGM film "Angels in the Outfield", the gruff manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team
receives heavenly help for his struggling team.
Paul Douglas plays the manager, Janet Leigh plays a reporter who gets the story, and Donna Corcoran
plays a little orphan girl who sees angels.
The "coin" in this film is actually a "Good Luck" token which has a four-leaf clover on one side
and some writing on the other side.
Angels in the Outfield
1. Manager at work
Angels in the Outfield
2. Manager at night being contacted by an angel
Angels in the Outfield
3. Manager finds "lucky coin" and feather
Angels in the Outfield
4. Closeup of "lucky coin" front, a four-leaf clover
Angels in the Outfield
5. Closeup of "lucky coin" back, unreadable text
Angels in the Outfield
6. Manager previews new invention called "television"
Angels in the Outfield
7. Happy ending
Paul Douglas as Aloysius X. 'Guffy' McGovern
Janet Leigh as Jennifer Paige
Donna Corcoran as Bridget White
Director: Clarence Brown
Writers: Richard Conlin, Dorothy Kingsley, George Wells
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