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Egyptian Magic Coin
Samuel Bridge Medal
Swami Coin
A coin or token with the Pharaoh, Sphinx, and Pyramids, made since 1905
San Francisco Public Schools Medal for Boys, 1879 to 1915
The Swami told fortunes at carnivals, arcades, and in the movies
The San Francisco and Mexico City Mints struck pesos for Nationalist China in 1949
Coins in Movies (Movie Stars - Coins appearing in films)
Coins on Television (Television Stars - Coins appearing in television programs)
Tokens and Medals (Exonumia, Good Luck Coins, Medals, Trade and Transit Tokens)
Masonic Coins and Tokens (Royal Arch Masons, Shriners, Princes of Jerusalem, DeMolay)
Sales Tax Tokens (Great Depression 1930's State Tax Tokens)
Coin Stories (Unusual and exotic coin-related items)
Coin Copies (Copies, Replicas, and Fantasies)
Coin Books (Selected coin book excerpts or full books)
Pirate Coins (Pieces of Eight, Doubloons, Guineas, Moidores, Joes, Louises)
Chicago Century of Progress Exposition (World's Fair 1933-1934 Coins, tokens, and items)
San Francisco Golden Gate Exposition (World's Fair 1939-1940 Coins, tokens, and items)
John Parker, Lord Boringdon, and his son the Earl of Morley
United States and World Currency, Advertising, Promotional, German Notgeld
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